Jessica Sliwinski


9781498780780Narrative Tactics for Mobile and Social Games: Pocket-Sized Storytelling

“Despite its significant growth over the past five years, the mobile and social videogame industry is still maturing at a rapid rate. Due to various storage and visual and sound asset restrictions, mobile and social gaming must have innovative storytelling techniques. Narrative Tactics grants readers practical advice for improving narrative design and game writing for mobile and social games, and helps them rise to the challenge of mobile game storytelling. The first half of the book covers general storytelling techniques, including worldbuilding, character design, dialogue, and quests. In the second half, leading experts in the field explore various genres and types of mobile and social games, including educational games, licensed IP, games for specific demographics, branding games, and free to play (F2P).”

Author of Chapters 6 and 10:
I Seek the Grail (in Five Minutes or Less): Designing and Writing Quests for Mobile Games
The Continued Adventures: Writing for Licensed Mobile Games

9781482237986Digital Love: Romance and Sexuality in Games

“Scholars and professionals from all over the world, across experience levels and the gender and sexuality spectrum, share experiences and analysis of romance and sexuality in video games.

Whether discussing casual sex in the Star Wars universe; analyzing various Otome games; examining “the gaze” in various games; player romance behavior in games; or exploring the ethical ramifications of sexuality in virtual reality and other emerging technologies, this book discusses what players want in video game romance, and how developers can best deliver it.”

Author of Chapter 7:
It’s Time for This Jedi to Get Laid: Casual Romance in Star Wars: The Old Republic


this-is-my-funniestThis Is My Funniest

“Prepare to laugh ’til your tentacles hurt…with this collection of the funniest short stories ever written by the top names in science fiction. These authors have chosen their best comedic tales, and added brand new introductions providing insight into their selections, their writing, and themselves. Blast off with the camel-riding corpsmen of the CCC, then descend into the underworld to take your place among politicians, IRS agents, and Vito, consigliere to the Devil. Follow Franz Kafka, superhero, as he battles the psychoanalytic forces of Sigmund Freud, or listen in on an alien radio show warning of the earth’s demise in a way H. G. Wells could never have forseen. Sentient species from across the galaxy will appreciate this anthology of side-splitting tales from contributors such as Robert Silverberg, David Brin, Esther Friesner, Harry Turtledove, and many move. Settle down with a bowl of primordial chili (chicken soup, if you’re fighting your Death of Colds) and 29 of your favorite writers, and get ready to enjoy the hilarious This is my Funniest.”

Back cover copy written during summer internship with BenBella Books.

investigating-csiInvestigating CSI

“Does a missing bullet imply a murder? Can a strand of hair help find a killer? Are a few fiber particles enough for a death row pardon? CSI and its spin-offs, CSI: Miami and CSI: NY, answer these questions for their viewers each week, providing a backstage pass to the real-life laboratories of crime scene investigators. Using cutting-edge technology and traditional deductive skills, Grissom, Caine, and Taylor keep us on the edge of our seats with every dark deek they uncover and every criminal they bring to justice. Investigating CSI takes the reader one step further into the world of the popular television series, exploring the shows’ impact on both law enforcement agencies and the public alike. Examining the most successful and popular forensive drama series on television today, Investigating CSI journeys through Las Vegas, Miami, and New York to collect evidence, expose truth, and bring the guilty to justice.”

Back cover copy written during summer internship with BenBella Books.


“From humble comic beginnings to blockbuster feature films, Peter Parker and his alter ego Spider-Man have fascinated fans for decades. Whether catching thieves like flies, quipping at villains from Doc Ock to the Green Goblin, and struggling with his guilt over Uncle Ben’s death, on the big screen or on the page, his appeal is undeniable. Webslinger explores what makes Spider-Man worthy of his wild popularity, drawing from both 40-plus years of comics and the first two feature films to gain insights into Peter Parker’s psyche. With wit, intelligence, and an uncanny spider-sense, Webslinger’s essayists show us just what it is about the Amazing Spider-Man that makes his struggles resonate so deeply with so many.”

Back cover copy written during summer internship with BenBella Books.